About Animals To Go

Our Story

Animals To Go is an owner-operated business. We have been in the wildlife removal business since 2000, in the State of California. However, the owner/operator of Animals To Go has hunted, fished and been an avid trapper since boyhood with 50 years trapping experience. We specialize in capturing every animal for which we advertise. None of them are simply "add-ons" to just make a few extra bucks! However we do a great deal of gopher and skunk work with excellent results.

Almost 100% of the time we are able to remove live skunks with no spraying or odor!  We employ more methods than most other companies when dealing with these "critters" which in turn, produces better results for our customers . We also do certain animal exclusion repairs to insure that other animals do not enter into a structure once it has been cleared of the offending animal(s). We can also advise and make recommendations as to other needed repairs as well. We are California State licensed trappers and we are licensed with the California Department of Pesticide Regulations. If you have been disappointed with other wildlife removal companies, give Animals To Go a call.

Serving Areas of East County!

Why Animals To Go?

When you hire us, we are on your property to get results.  We will do the best job possible to remove whatever nuisance wildlife you hired us to remove.  If we observe areas on your property which could be improved to help keep your property free of future offending wildlife, we'll bring them to your attention and make the proper recommendations.  We're confident you'll be satisfied with our service!

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