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5.  All traps are placed in gopher tunnels under ground - the trapping is basically invisible. You could actually have a picnic in your yard over areas that are being trapped, although I may not recommend it. After treating with bait or trapping we smooth mounds and activity to allow any new activity to be obvious if some should occur.
6.  Our general gopher service is good for 30 days at which time we will have eradicated all gophers on the property and those which may have entered the property during the service time.

7.  We will do monthly service if requested.
8.  When on site we may advise people on ways to protect their landscaping - shrubbery, etc., from gopher damage and answer any questions they may have.

Rabbits can be a nuisance when they feed on lawns and landscaping eating the grass right down to the ground as well as newly planted or established shrubs and ground cover. In large numbers rabbits can do a lot of damage. Rabbits leave a lot of droppings in yards on sidewalks and driveways. Many times these droppings may carry tape worm eggs and other possible parasites. Rabbits are also major flea carriers. We do live trap rabbits.

We do a good amount of skunk work. Skunks can become a nuisance by grubbing or digging in yards and gardens for worms and insects. They become more of a nuisance when they take up residence under homes or become trapped in garages. Many times people aren't aware of skunks in or on their property until one of their pets get sprayed, or one sprays under their home. We live trap skunks with near 100% odor-free results.
  1.Skunks can be carriers of rabies and distemper.
  2.Skunks can also carry the rabies virus for many months before they succumb to the symptoms.

Ground Squirrels
Ground squirrels are plentiful in San Diego County and cause a lot of damage - from undermining driveways, digging under structures, destroying lawns and gardens, raiding fruit trees, chewing electrical wires under homes and in vehicle engine compartments.
They also can be carriers of diseases such as hantavirus and the plague.  Ground squirrels are major flea carriers also.

These animals are cute when they're babies, but grow up to be nasty looking (in my opinion).  Out of all the animals we deal with - it's the opossum that gets into the most diverse locations where it should not be. For example: camper and vehicle engine compartments building straw nests.  Does anybody smell smoke?  If doors are left open at night, an opossum will be more than happy to pay you an unannounced visit.  We've caught them in homes, under homes, over homes, under beds, in kitchen cabinets, closets, air ducts, trash cans - anywhere they can climb, walk, or run to - is where you'll find them.
They are beneficial in the wild and do a lot of scavenging, but make no mistake, they can be predatory.  I've known them to kill baby feral kittens, and also full grown chickens roosting in pens.  In the wild they will eat any small animal they can catch.
Opossums would appear slow in a foot race, but in close quarters can turn and bite in a flash. Very dangerous to pets and people.  Deceptively fast when biting.
Opossums as a rule do not carry rabies, but they are major flea carriers.  We live trap opossums.

We primarily trap for moles but an effective poison bait is available too.  Our trapping is very effective for these little guys.  Moles are not nearly as plentiful as gophers are in this area - but they are here in isolated pockets of San Diego County.
They push up dirt runs just under the surface - chasing earthworms.  They will pile dirt as well which many people mistake for gopher activity and vice versa.
Occasionally moles and gophers will be found on the same property, and we will identify the activity and use the correct methods to remove both species.

Voles - field mice
Voles are short-tailed, chunky, large mice that can be common in San Diego County.  They live in underground burrows with open holes from 1-2" in diameter.  They travel in well-worn, meandering paths leading from burrow opening to burrow opening.
Voles feed on grass, ground cover, shrubs and tree bark. They can severely damage or kill shrubs and trees by girdling bark. If the bark of a tree, vine, or shrub is chewed off all the way around, that portion of the plant will die.
Trapping or poison bait are very effective in controlling voles.  On occasion regular house mice and smaller roof rats can be the culprits of similar activity, and can be controlled with the same methods.

Rats & Mice
Rats and mice are usually drawn to certain areas for one of two reasons, or both.  First is food, the second is shelter.  Generally bird feeders, fruit and nut trees, grape vines, any animal food left out overnight - will draw rats and/or mice.  And, of course, if there are areas of shelter nearby - this area becomes even more attractive to rats and mice.  Unfortunately, the surrounding properties will be effected by an expanding rodent population.
We trap and use poison bait for rats and mice.

Coyotes are the biggest and most intelligent predators that we have dealt with.  Contrary to what many people have been told - coyotes are not protected.  However, due to the locations and circumstances that many problems occur with coyotes, we only on very rare occasions do coyote jobs.
We trap these at our discretion.

Gray fox are common in San Diego County.  We get calls for these little guys from time to time mainly because they've climbed onto someone's deck or porch during the day, which most people feel is too close or unusual behavior.  Fox are susceptible to rabies, and to be safe these animals should not be approached.  The gray fox's ability to climb like a cat has kept many alive when coyotes are around.  For the most part these fox are excellent rat and mouse killers and can be very beneficial in vineyards and orchard areas. 
We can, and do, live trap them.

Raccoons are real popular in San Diego County.  They are also real un-popular for those who have them and can't get rid of them.  Many people living in older homes especially with shake roofs know how destructive raccoons can be.  Being the absolute strongest animal pound for pound that we deal with, they are great climbers who will remove areas of your shake roof to make entry into your attic space to give birth and raise their young.  Not good.
Raccoons are known for grubbing for insects in established yards and plantings, but especially in freshly laid sod and new plantings.  Nothing subtle about a yard that has been worked over by raccoons. 
Raccoons can be very aggressive towards people and pets.  They are by design predators and will empty a koi pond in one night.  They are famous for breaking into bird cages, chicken pens, etc., and feasting on birds as large as ducks and chickens.
Raccoons are very quick learners and those that have been previously trapped and released, can be very difficult to deal with. However, we have caught many "trap wise" raccoons. Unfortunately these are becoming more and more common.
Raccoons can also be responsible for flea infestations and raccoon roundworm, which can infect people.  They also can be carriers of rabies and distemper.

We trap raccoons. 


Services We Provide 

Got Gophers?
1.  When it comes to gophers you need to hire a specialist with experience to take care of your problem.  I've personally been doing gopher removal and control, professionally for 17 years with excellent results.
2.  We use only the very best proven products and techniques, to stop gophers in their tracks.
3.  We use poison bait and/or trapping, the two most effective means to achieve eradication and control, when used by a skilled, experienced operator.
4.  All poison is applied in gopher tunnels under ground.